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Album Original

Kemurtadan Dalam Bermusik

Apostation” tells a story about “apostasy in music“. A new album from Vibetronic, contains 5 original works With each distinguished vibes. Like an adventure in a video game, You will be escorted to a journey into different worlds of music on each track, which represents the personality of each producer who worked on this EP.

The Beginning

Album Original

“The Beginning” starts with “Kursi Lipat” a sweet, high-school romance inspired song created by Adidkh using Hatsune Miku’ s Voice. Then you’ll get thrilled from “Break It Up” created by one and only Mbah Kacang. After that NoisyNoise will presenting a collaboration between vocal slices with future bass.
Tired already with hard beat? relax with “Aether” from Sandjaya. Your adventure will get boost again with “Welcome Start” from SC.ORZ and the roller coaster beat adventure will finished with “Drifting Away” from Zuharu.

K/DA – POP/STAR Remixes

Remix Compilation

Our latest remixes to welcoming new year is K/DA POP/STAR. enjoy it? hate it? let us know by comment below

Vibetronic × Moccatune. – Re:Tune

Album Collaboration

Vibetronic and Moccatune proudly presents Re:tune
A collaboration album featuring 4 original songs,
From jazzy track full of chord miring, EDM tunes that makes you dance, and heart-pounding Electro-Rock song.


Remix Compilation

Vibetronic proudly presents UNDERTRANCE
An Undertale Trance Remix album. Recall your adventure in the Undertale’s world from a new perspective. Containing 6 tracks from sc.orz, ittou, Sandstroke, Sandjaya, Zuharu, and Dyolow.


Single Original

Vibetronic presents : UNITE !!
A mega collaboration track from Vibetronic producers (and vocalist). Merging various style of drops into one head-banging dance track.
Enjoy !!