VIBETRONIC Commission Service



Full song production

  • Standard song duration 3-5 minutes
  • Full package of song production service
  • Include songwriting, mixing and mastering


  • Song lyric writing service
  • Include basic vocal and basic instrumental with chord guide


  • Karaoke/singing cover instrumental
  • Instrumental music for commercial, film and animation scoring, games, or presentations
  • Include mixing and mastering
  • Looping / Not looping, by request

SFX Design

  • Sound effect design for your video games, animation, films

Mixing / Mastering

Karaoke cover Mixing

  • Cover mixing and mastering
  • Vocal editing, tuning, timing

Mixing and Mastering

  • Music / Full song mixing and mastering.
  • Track editing included

Payment Method

We accept payment via PayPal for International transaction or bank transfer for Domestic transaction.

Bank transfer :
BTPN Jenius : 9002 0419 008 (Masdito Bachtiar)
Cashtag: $vibetronic

Paypal : [email protected]


  • Work duration may vary, usually took 1-2 weeks.
  • Every audio that was produced by us and accepted by Clients are exclusive, which can be reused for another works.
  • The audio in revision state can’t be used by Clients before any finalization in deals and payments.
  • Reselling the audio is prohibited, unless there’s a deal beforehand. (taking the full ownership will cost 2x of the price).
  • Clients needs to do a Down Payment (DP) at 50% of the price before the works being produced.
  • We will send Work In Progress to inform Clients about the works.